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FatFace Geo Bees Deluxe Duvet

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FatFace Geo Bees Deluxe Duvet Dog beds.

Printed on 100% cotton, this design features a beautiful bee on a striking geometric background, with vibrant mustard accents for a pop of colour.

Danish Design have a new pet bed collection in partnership with FatFace, in a range of stunning pet beds that not only look great and are comfy but have a positive impact on our natural environment, people and local communities.

Made fully in the UK, the whole collection is filled with 100% recycled fibre, made from plastic bottles. Where possible the collection is made from 100% cotton and sustainably sourced through The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which helps farmers to grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the welfare of farming communities.

Deep Duvets
Medium 71 x 98cm
Large 87 x 138cm