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Ancol Xmas Jingle Bell Teaser

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Enticing interactive play between you and your cat this Christmas the Ancol Jingle Ball Teaser with Feathers has been carefully developed to help enhance that special bond between you and your cat, whilst fulfilling her natural hunting instincts.

Engaging your cats natural instincts with a feature-rich design packed with texture and colour the Ancol Jingle Ball Teaser fulfils your cats instinctual desires, providing a healthy dose of exercise and encouraging instinctual activity. An interactive teaser toy for use between you and your cat it delights cats of all ages, with vibrant, festive coloured sisal rope, a jingle bell ball centre and colourful vibrant feathers on either end.  The assorted colours and textures will amuse and entertain any cat, keeping them engaged in play and satisfying instinctual needs to bat, paw, pounce, wrestle and kick.

Providing essential enrichment and stimulation through play the Ancol Jingle Ball Teaser is bright and colourful, perfect for play anytime, anywhere.  Highly visibile and engaging for all cats it provides tons of festive fun for the entire family, helping to prevent boredom and unwanted behaviours as well as ensure on-going, extended play and essential exercise for a happy, healthy cat.  A great gift for all cats and owners it features a charming festive design with tons of colour sure to intrigue, and comes complete with a handy gifting tag to be addressed to your favourite feline companion this Christmas.

  • A fun, festive teaser for cats and owners
  • Made with premium quality fabrics for a durable, lasting design
  • Provides tons of festive fun for the whole family, great for interactive play between pet and owner helping to build a strong, healthy bond
  • With feather ends adding unpredictable movement, keeping your cat engaged in play
  • With bright, colourful sisal rope satisfying natural scratching instincts
  • With a plastic jingle bell ball in festive colours, adding sensory stimulation and enriching your cat’s play experience
  • Promotes a healthy dose of exercise and essential enrichment and stimulation, for the health and wellbeing of your cat or kitten
  • May help to prevent boredom and unwanted behaviours at home
  • A great gift for playful felines this Christmas, ideal for cats and kittens of any size and age!
  • Satisfies your cat’s natural hunting instincts, encouraging instinctual activity including batting, scratching, wrestling and kicking
  • Complete with gift tag for addressing to your cat
  • Stick Length (Excluding Feathers): 35cm, Total Length (Approximate): 49cm

Safety Note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess suitability of any treat or toy. Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.  If toy becomes damaged or parts come loose, please dispose of and/or replace to ensure safety for your pet at all times. Always read safety instructions on packaging before use.

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