Worried about your dog's fear of fireworks?

Worried about your dog's fear of fireworks? - Harvey's Petstore
The read the review of our Overby Farm's Quiet Moments range of herbal supplements in this week's Our Dog Magazine.
We stock a range of calming supplements for both cats and dogs, designed to help them through the stress and anxiety of situations such as Bonfire Night (and the weeks before and after!)
✔ ANXIETY REMEDY - Our soft chews contain thiamine and L-tryptophan that help reduce your pet's tension during stress filled moments such as traveling and trips to the vet or to the grooming. salon.
✔ STRESS RELIEF FORMULA - This veterinarian formulated dog calming aid maintains a normal nervous system function for all dogs over the age of 12 weeks. They'll chew the tasty supplement like a treat!
✔ FOR SENSITIVE STOMACH - We've added ginger to our aromatically enticing chews to support your pet dog's sensitive stomach especially when boarding a plane or a boat and on long road trips.
✔ PROMOTE REST and RELAXATION - One of the natural ingredients in our soft chews is L-Tryptophan, which helps your dog keep calm during thunderstorms, fireworks or when going through separation anxiety.

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