Top Tips For Giving Your Dog A Healthy Diet

Top Tips For Giving Your Dog A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a critical part of any animal’s overall health, but given that dogs are naturally very active creatures, it is vital to ensure they are eating right for their breed, their age and their overall activity.

Creating a nutritious diet that promotes positive well-being for dogs is not only incredibly important, it is also the law, and is also the part of a dog’s health that is likely to change as they get older.

Your vet is the best place to start when it comes to nutrition for your wonderful pet, but here are some simple steps to ensure you and they are on the right track.


Find A Diet And Stick To It

Dogs are very very different, as we well know. A diet that is suitable for a Jack Russell may be too small for a growing young Alsatian, for example, and there are other digestive needs you will need to consider.

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on any food you provide, and once you have found a diet they like, stick to it.

If you do need to change their diet for whatever reason, do not change it suddenly as it can lead to upset stomachs.


Keep Fresh Water Handy

Regardless of whether you serve wet or dry food, make sure that your dog has plenty of clean, fresh drinking water available, as dry food can make your dark especially thirsty.

Even if you feed your dog once per day, make sure they are getting enough water.


Check Your Dog’s Weight Regularly

It can be sometimes difficult to see if you are overfeeding your dog, but there are a few telltale signs.

When you give them a tummy rub, look to see and feel the outline of your dog’s ribs. There should not be too much fat over them.

As well as this, you should be able to see your dog’s waist, especially from above, and when you see your dog’s tummy from the side, it should be tucked up into their body.

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