Can I Walk My Dog In The Snow?

Can I Walk My Dog In The Snow? - Harvey's Petstore

The UK has woken up to a blanketing of snow for several days now thanks to Storm Darcy and, while it’s very lovely to look at, it can be a bit harsh on the paws of our four-legged friends, so it’s important that you know what to do to help keep them happy and safe when out and about on walks.

Depending on the breed of dog and the length of their coat, you may need to dress them up in a winter dog coat or jacket so they can stay warm enough when outside. And if it’s dark, make sure they have something like some high vis clothing or perhaps an LED light dog collar, so that they can be seen easily.

If it’s snowing heavily, it might be wise to keep them on the lead rather than let them off, as you don’t know if there will be any deep patches of snow coming up or whether the snow is masking an unsafe area. Also make sure they don’t go over any frozen ponds, as you don’t know if the ice is thick enough to take their weight.

Once you’re home again, make sure you give them a wipe down over their feet, legs and stomach so they’re nice and dry, and so you can get rid of any grit they may have picked up. Their skin can become irritated if just left to dry on their own, so keep the dog towel handy.

There’s no reason why you and your pup can’t go out and enjoy the wintry weather, but just make sure you’re prepared and you know what your responsibilities are to help keep you both safe while outside.

Check out the RSPCA website for even more help and advice.

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